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Silica Gel Pouches and Packets
Silica Gel Pouches and Packets have capability to absorb moisture and is now widely applicable in producing several compressed air systems. These are also utilized in libraries as well as museums for the efficient storage and control of the humidity.
Silica Gel Beads and Crystal
We offer a range of Silica Gel Beads and Crystal which is available in both granular and beaded form. It is basically used as a drying agent to control humidity as most of the products get damaged due to presence of excessive moisture in it. Besides, it is also used as a water filtration agent.
Silica Gel Breather
Silica Gel Breather is used for effective controlling of moisture content of insulation oil of transformer. Known for its high absorption rate, the crystals of silica gel are effective in improving dryness of entered transformer air to a specific dew point.
Container Desiccant
Container Desiccant is widely used in various industries as de-icer, additive in plastics and fire extinguishers. This is great for increasing the hardness of water in the swimming pools. This is very easy to use and cost effective too. This requires very low maintenance and replacement costs. 

Calcium Chloride
Calcium Chloride is widely used for safeguarding the cargos from degrading effects of moisture. This desiccant finds its applications in different industries like food, pharmaceuticals, electrical & electronics, automobile and so on. This is very effective as well as economical to use. 

Molecular Sieve
Molecular Sieve is mostly used for drying gases and liquids. This sieve is great for separating molecules on their sizes and shapes. This is highly effective and appreciated by our customers, in the market for its high quality. This is very easy to use and simple to handle. 

Activated Clay Desiccant
Activated Clay Desiccant acts as a porous mineral which is used as an absorbent. This desiccant has good adsorption capacity within normal temperature. This is chemically inert, non-corrosive and highly effective in nature. This is clinically tested under different parameters to ensure its high quality. 
Silica Gel
We are offering here the Silica Gel that is hydrated silica in a hard granular hygroscopic form used as a desiccant. It is sometimes used as a preservation tool to control relative humidity in museum and library exhibitions and storage.

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